Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affair

Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, as a highest religious institution in the country, is trying to disseminating Islamic science and culture, research, development, writing of books by offering religious and Islamic messages and values through the mosques in order to serve Islam and its people. Succeeding and successful completion of Hajj's annual process through the use of easy, fast and experienced contemporary solutions to provide better services in terms of courtesy and satisfaction of the pilgrims at a low cost of managing, consolidating, and protecting property and Waqfi possessions, and mobilizing them in real estate. 

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1 month ago


Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, as the most excellent religious institution in the country, is proud of being using simple, fast and experienced solutions annually in hajj process and, using better quality services in the order and diligence of respectable pilgrims at low cost. By taking certain steps from the early stages of this process, the religious process will be properly implemented and the work on the better work of the next affairs will continue to be greatly enhanced by the cooperative efforts of the agencies.

Mohammad Qasim Halimi

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Mon, Jun 27 2016 3:31 PM
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Signing memorandum of cooperation between Ministry of Hajj, and Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Education

Memorandum on removing illiteracy between ministry of Hajj and religious Affairs and ministry education was signedby Excellency Faiz Mohammad Osmani Minister of Hajj and Religious. . .

Sun, Jun 05 2016 10:32 AM
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The first registration and organization center of hajj affairs (Integrated pilgrims central zone) in Kabul, inaugurates

The first Hajj Operation registration center(integrated pilgrims central zone) was inaugurated in a special ceremony in the presence of His Excellency Chief Executive of the Islamic. . .

Sat, Jun 04 2016 3:26 PM
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Distributionof mosques prayer carpetbegin, in cooperation with the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Afghanistan

Distribution of 190000 meter prayer carpet which cost two million dollars, for mosques of center and provinces in the country from the aids of friend and brother country SaudiArabia. . .