Signing memorandum of cooperation between Ministry of Hajj, and Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Education

دوشنبه ۱۳۹۵/۴/۷ - ۱۵:۳۱

Memorandum on removing illiteracy between ministry of Hajj and religious Affairs and ministry education was signedby Excellency Faiz Mohammad Osmani Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs and Dr. Asadullah Balkhi Minister of Education while there were the leading authority of both ministries in conference hall of ministry of hajj and religious Affair on Tuesday , 14 /2 / 1395

First,few verses of Holy Quran was read by Qari Zia Menqad.
Later Excellency Faiz Muhammad "Osmani" minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs talked about the importance of signing the memorandum of cooperationand added: Ministry of Hajj as a valid religious organization in the country knows its duty to eradicate illiteracy in the country with the cooperation of scholars, imams and in mosques Khatba and Hussainyas.
 Following the first verse (Iqra) we all have responsibilities, to strive ineradicating illiteracyin the society. Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs is a cooperator with its all the options available to eradicate illiteracy completely with the cooperation of Ministry of Education.
Then Excellency Dr. Asadullah “Balkhi" minister of Education spoke, andconsideredthe signedof this memorandum a great achievement for both the ministries and added:  in accordance with Article (44) of the constitution the government has a duty, design andimplement effective programs and plans tobalancing and promoting education for women, improve education of nomads and elimination of illiteracy in the country,. The Followingmentioned article arranged from the (Iqra) verse of holy Quran, that obliges us to act united in the elimination of illiteracy in society and the role of preacher Ulema, Imams of mosques is very effective in this field.
After signing memorandum of cooperation which contained (16) articles also they responded to the questions of journalists.

تازه خبرونه

سه‌شنبه ۱۴۰۲/۷/۴ - ۱۱:۲۱
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د جوماتونو د ارشادي او مسلکي چارو د تنظیم کمېټې خپله دویمه غونډې ترسره کړه.

۱۰ ربیع الأول ۱۴۴۵هـ ق (۳ میزان ۱۴۰۲هـ ش)

د جوماتونو چارو د تنظیم کمېټې دویمه مشورتي غونډه د ارشاد، حج او اوقافو وزارت مسلکي مرستیال شیخ الحدیث مولوي زر محمد حقاني په مشرۍ او د ارشاد. . .

یکشنبه ۱۴۰۲/۷/۲ - ۱۲:۳۵
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د ارشاد، حج او اوقافو وزارت مسلکي مرستیال د جوماتونو د ښه مدیریت او انسجام په تړاو غونډه ترسره کړه

۸ ربیع الأول ۱۴۴۵هـ ق (۱ میزان ۱۴۰۲هـ ش)

د ارشاد، حج او اوقافو وزارت مسلکي معین شیخ الحدیث مولوي زرمحمد حقاني د خپل کار په دفتر کې د ارشاد او جوماتونو چارو د انسجام عمومي رئیس مولوي. . .

چهارشنبه ۱۴۰۲/۶/۲۹ - ۲۱:۴۹
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د ارشاد، حج او اوقافو وزیر په کابل کې د ایران دسفارت له مرستیال سره وکتل

۵ ربیع الأول ۱۴۴۵هـ ق (۲۹ سنبله ۱۴۰۲هـ ش) د ارشاد، حج او اوقافو وزیر شیخ الحدیث دکتور مولوي نور محمد ثاقب د خپل کار په دفتر کې د ایران اسلامي جمهوریت دسفارت له مرستیال ښاغلي سید حسن. . .