Fazal Mohammad Hosini son of Khyal Mohammad Hosini

Ministry’s Spokesman / Head of publication and public aware Department.

Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs.

Email: Fazal.hosini@mohia.gov.af.


Mr. Fazal “Hosini” has born in Ghazni province, complete his under graduation program in Kabul, Afghanistan and achieved his bachelor degree from al-Azhar university (Egypt), department of religious rules. He achieved his Master degree in education field (Arab Community) and graduated from M.A Department of Shari’a from Cairo.

Mr. Fazal “Hosini” was an independent journalist who was reporting on news and current conferences and other worthy events with BBC Global News during his education. And furthermore he was a broad caster, editor local Translator with the Radio Service of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The Department of Information and Public Awareness

The Department of Information and Public Awareness was one of the Central department of Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, which has (46) posts within the framework of the Deputy Ministerial (Administrative and Financial Duties.)

It is headed by two directorates and managers within its Department.
  1.  Directorate of Information
  2.  Directorate of Public Awareness
  1. Information Management
  2. Printing Management
  3. Distribution Management
  4. Designing Management
  5. Library Management
The key functions are as follows:
  1. Printing and distribution of monthly magazine (Payami Haq) and religious books for the purpose of religious awareness of compatriots.
  2. Arranging and publishing all announcements in different occasions and flows as soon as possible to inform compatriots.
  3. Organizing press conferences of officials and Ministry
  4. Organizing special interviews of the officials of the Ministry, and publish it in the internal and external press.
  5. Reflection of all reports and activities of the Central and Provincial Units of the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affair in the press and Social media.
  6. Information on important activities of the Ministry in the press
  7. Awareness of information and presentation of information in accordance with the request of compatriots
  8. Organizing Press Conferences (VTC) Officials of the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs with the Scholars and officials of Islamic religious organizations around the world.
  9. Distribution of religious books and publications to the Government and non-government organizations in the capital and (34) provinces.
  10. Reflecting the guidance activities in order to enlighten the minds of the people, reflecting the activities of the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs through printing and visual publications.
  11. Publications of books, billboards, brushers, posters, magazines, newspapers, invitation cards and other advertising materials.

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affair