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It is Announced of those honorable pilgrims of the provincial capital mentioned below, in order to go through the process of travel documents and arrange for the first and second flights, from Kabul to Madinah on Saturday date 30/2/1402 According to 30/10/1444 at 8:00 am to came to Hujjajs Complex in the center zone, which is located at the foot of Maranjan Hill, located at the old Makrorian National Crossroads, with the original pendant of the delivery of the second installment and his appointment document, along with the Hajj travel equipment’s.

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Thu, Jan 18 2024 7:07 PM
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Announcement oh Hajj

The Ministry of MOHIA intends to open new registration for the current year's Hajj (1445 AH). For this purpose, it is hereby announced to all individuals who intend to perform the Hajj . . .

Sun, Jan 07 2024 10:16 AM
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Respected Representatives of the Media!

The leadership of the Ministry of MOHIA intends to hold the Institute for Training Imams' Imamate Stage, the sixth session of Arabic language training, and the closing ceremony of the . . .

Tue, Sep 12 2023 9:12 AM
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Press Release

To esteemed representatives of the media,

The Ministry of MOHIA intends to initiate the program for disbursing the remaining funds for this year's Hajj expenses in a gathering attended . . .

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