Invitation to bid for the project of procurement and provision of (28) items of food materials for the Hajj process of the fiscal year 1403

28 قلم مواد اعاشوی

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The Ministry of MOHIA invites all qualified volunteers to participate in the bidding process (for the procurement and provision of 28 items of food materials for the Hajj process of the fiscal year 1403) and submit their sealed offers in accordance with the terms of the bidding document, as per the laws and procedures of the General Procurement Directorate of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, from the date of announcement until (21) calendar days.
The bidding document can be obtained from the following address:
Procurement Directorate, Ministry of Hajj and Endowments, (Shahr-e-Now, Charahi Asmat Maslaim, Former Hajj Directorate Office), during official hours, through CD, or flash drive. At the time of the bid opening, according to the instructions provided in the bidding document for the volunteers.

Late and online bids will not be accepted.
The bid guarantee amount is (234,000) two hundred and thirty-four thousand Afghanis in the form of a bank guarantee, and the eligibility conditions are as per the information page of the bidding process.

Note: If there is any discrepancy between the bidding document and the invitation announcement, the text of the bidding document shall prevail

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