The Ministry of MOHIA has initiated a capacity-building seminar for provincial governors and officials.

Sun, Nov 19 2023 10:06 AM

On the 4th of Jumada al-Awwal, 1445 AH (27th of Scorpio, 1402 AH), today, a capacity-building seminar in the areas of guidance, endowments, Hajj, and administrative and financial sectors for the governors and officials of the ministries of MOHIA of the provinces, was inaugurated by the Ministry of MOHIA at the Hajj Pilgrims' Complex, Kabul.

At the beginning of the seminar, the honorable Sheikh al-Hadith Mawlawi Zarmohammad Haqani Deputy Minister professional, the deputy minister of supervision and policy of the esteemed Department of Affairs, Mawlawi Abdulwali Haqani, the central and provincial governors, and some of the provincial staff participated. The gathering commenced with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a speech by the deputy of supervision and policy of the Department of Affairs and the former head of administrative and financial affairs of this esteemed ministry, Mawlawi Abdulwali Haqani. In part of his speech, he considered the initiation, identification, and introduction of the responsibilities of this seminar as important and fundamental, and added that it is the first time that the Ministry of MOHIA has initiated such an important and fundamental seminar.

Later, Deputy Minister professional of the Ministry of MOHIA delivered a speech, adding that this seminar consists of four fundamental sections. The first section is guidance, in which the importance of guidance and mosques is explained, the second section is Hajj, which discusses the issues and topics of organizing pilgrims and providing services inside and in Saudi Arabia. The third section is endowments, in which the issues of endowment properties and collection of revenues are discussed, and the fourth section is administrative, in which administrative and financial matters are discussed. The honorable Sheikh Haqani added that this seminar is conducted by senior scholars and teachers and will continue for six days.

In addition to the above fundamental sections, this seminar also includes the exchange of experiences and the use of beneficial methods and guidance."

It's always fascinating to see how events and initiatives are organized and developed in different regions around the world, isn't it? The attention to detail and the emphasis on knowledge sharing and capacity building in this seminar reflect a commitment to professional development and learning within the context of the Ministry of MOHIA in Afghanistan. If you have any more texts you'd like me to translate or any other questions, feel free to ask!

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