Distributionof mosques prayer carpetbegin, in cooperation with the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Afghanistan

شنبه ۱۳۹۵/۳/۱۵ - ۱۵:۲۶

Distribution of 190000 meter prayer carpet which cost two million dollars, for mosques of center and provinces in the country from the aids of friend and brother country SaudiArabia officially was started by Mr. Musfer Abdul Rahman Al-Ghaseb ambassador ofSaudi Arabia in Kabuland Dr. Dahe- ulHaq Abeddeputy minister of administrative and financial in Ministry ofHajj,and religious Affairs, Mr. Ahmad Noor Waqef advisor of chief of executivein religious affairs, and the leading authority of ministry on Tuesday 11/3/1395.

The ceremony was begunby reciting a few verses of Holy Quran by Qari Abdul Rahman Khalil.Then,Mr. Musfer Abdul Rahman al-Ghasebambassador of Saudi Arabia in Kabul present the respects of Saudi Arabia people to the Muslim nation of Afghanistan and, added:
It is our pleasure that today as result of the attention of Custodian of holy Haramainthe King of Saudi Arabia (one hundred ninety thousand ) square meters prayer carpet which cost approximately (2,000,000 USD) in order to distribute it to mosques of the country handed to ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs of Islamic republic Of Afghanistan.
Saudi Ambassador also praised the good relations between both countries, and announced that Saudi Arabia government is fully prepared to equip mosques in Afghanistan.
Dr. Dai-ul-Haq Abed, superintendent and deputy of administrative and financial Ministry of Hajj and religious Affairs appreciated from the aids of friend and brother country SaudiArabia, in order to equip mosques in this country, and added:
 Friendly relation of the people of Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia has a high and long-standing historical, place even in the days of jihad and establishment of the Islamic State of Afghanistan andthe Afghan people was witness of government of Saudi Arabia’s cooperation, which shows the depth of their good relationship between to brother nation.
Subsequent to his speeches he added:  that as every Muslim’s duty is the protection of the HolyHaramain, support of the peoples of both nations is also our common tasks, in various spheres.
Dr. Dai-ul-Haq Abed mentioned from the aids of Saudi Arabia inprevious years indifferent sectors, particularly construction, equipping and building mosques including the preparation of the prayer carpets for (1000) Mosque in the center and provinces and stated that: we are goning to include  in our plan about (1000) Mosque in current year.
Excellency Mowlawe Ahmad Noor Waqef advisor of chief of Executive also expressed his gratitude from the sincere cooperation of Saudi Arabia during a brief talk to the Afghan people.
At the end of the ceremony, Ali MufaqHerawi one of the famous and historical mosques in Kabul typically was carpet by the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia and superintendent of Ministry of Hajj, and religious Affairs .



تازه ترین اخبار

سه‌شنبه ۱۴۰۲/۷/۴ - ۱۱:۲۱
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دومین جلسه کمیته تنظیم امور ارشادی و مسلکی مساجد برگزار شد

دومین جلسه‌ای ارشادی کمیته تنظیم امور مساجد

به ریاست شیخ الحدیث مولوی زر محمد حقانی معین مسلکی و اشتراک مولوی محمد نبی محمدی رئیس عمومی ارشاد و انسجام امور مساجد و مولوی محمد اشرف. . .

چهارشنبه ۱۴۰۲/۶/۲۹ - ۲۱:۴۹
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وزیر ارشاد، حج و اوقاف با معاون سفارت ایران در کابل ملاقات نمود

۵ ربیع الأول ۱۴۴۵هـ ق (۲۹ سنبله ۱۴۰۲هـ ش) شیخ الحدیث دوکتور مولوی نور محمد ثاقب وزیر ارشاد، حج و اوقاف در دفتر کارش با آقای سید حسن مرتضوی معاون سفارت جمهوری اسلامی ایران در کابل به. . .

سه‌شنبه ۱۴۰۲/۶/۲۱ - ۱۷:۱۴
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آغاز برنامه تأدیه پول باقی مانده مصارف حج، برای حجاج سال(۱۴۴۴هـ ق مطابق 1402هـ ش)

۲۷ صفر المظفر ۱۴۴۵ هـ ق (۲۱ سنبله ۱۴۰۲ هـ ش)

پروسه تادیه پول باقی مانده از مصارف حجاج امروز طی محفل در مرکز رسانه های حکومت به اشتراک شیخ الحدیث دکتورمولوی نورمحمد ثاقب وزیر ارشاد، حج. . .