The first registration and organization center of hajj affairs (Integrated pilgrims central zone) in Kabul, inaugurates

Sun, Jun 05 2016 10:32 AM

The first Hajj Operation registration center(integrated pilgrims central zone) was inaugurated in a special ceremony in the presence of His Excellency Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Dai -ul-Haq Abed deputy minister and superintendent of ministry of hajj and religious affairs, Mr. Musfer Abdul Rahman Al Ghaseb Ambassadorof the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Kabul and the leading authority of Ministry of hajj and religious Affairs on Sunday 16 jawza 1395 equal to 29 Sha'ban al muazam 1437.

This center was confirmed and started to work by especial attentions of  his excellency president of Islamic republic of Afghanistan and chief executive due to repeated suggestions of leading authorities of ministry especially Excellency Faiz Mohammad Osmani Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs, in order to betteradjust and organizingof Hajj Affairs for pilgrims of central zone of the country.
Excellency Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, while appreciating the successfulachievements of pilgrimagein 1394yearprocess, considered a great success theinauguration of hajjcomplex to better regulate Hajj pilgrims for the current leadership of the Ministry, and expected to make the Hajj process, to be managed with more confidence and better than previous years.
Excellency Chief Executive thanked the government and people of Saudi’s cooperation in various areas, as the representative of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan andsupportedfrom Ministry of hajj programs, and expressed his readiness to strengthen the basic foundation of the success of the Hajj process and other key programs of Ministry of Hajj and Religious 
In thisconferenceDr. Dai -ul-Haq Abed deputy minister and superintend of ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, while thanked for the presence of His Excellency Chief Executive and special attention ofleading authorities of government in Hajj Affairs of the country also mention from significant achievements of the Ministry of Hajj in the process of previous years and more attention to the process of this years.
Excellency superintendent of ministry thanked from the cooperation of Saudi Arabiagovernment and effective coordination of its Embassy in Kabul.

Mr. Mosfer Abdul Rahman Al Ghaseb Saudi Arabia ambassador in Kabul also named from the efforts of Saudi Arabia government for better service to the pilgrims in all over the world , and added that  Custodian of the HolyHaramain has a special attention to all countries Hajj Affairs especially to Afghanistan. 
 The conference was ended by recitation of some verses of holy Quran by MawlawiHamimAdvisor of Ministry of Hajj and religious affairs. 

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