The Minister of MOHIA , and the accompanying delegation returned from Uzbekistan to the country today.

Thu, Mar 21 2024 9:43 AM
سفر ازبکستان

 (Thursday, 10th of Ramadan 1445 ,the 1st of Hamal 1403 Hijri Shamsi).

 A high-ranking delegation of ten scholars from the country, led by the respected Shaikhul  Hadith, Dr. Noor Mohammad Saqib, the Minister of MOHIA, who, upon the official invitation of the Grand Mufti Sheikh Nooruddin Khalq-e-Nazar, the head of the Muslims of Uzbekistan, had traveled to that country on Saturday, 6th of Blessed Ramadan 1445, and returned to Kabul this morning.

During this trip, Dr. Molavi Noor Mohammad Saqib and his delegation visited Islamic institutions and high schools in cities such as Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and Termez. They held multiple sessions with the Grand Mufti of Uzbekistan, high-ranking government officials, religious scholars, professors, and Islamic scientists of that country to discuss establishing bilateral relations, mutual collaboration, strengthening and exchanging experiences, and coordinating the activities of the two countries (Afghanistan and Uzbekistan) in the religious and educational fields.

Upon their return from Uzbekistan, the Minister of MOHIA stated that Afghanistan and Uzbekistan are two Islamic countries with many religious, cultural, and linguistic similarities that should be strengthened through collaborative efforts.

The outcome of this trip is considered highly productive, advocating for enhanced relations with other countries, particularly Islamic countries.

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