The short biography of Mulawi Abdul Hakim Munib Acting Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs


Hafiz Al-Quran al-Haj Mulawi Abdul Hakim Munib, son of al-Haj Muhammad Nazar, was born on Tuesday, 2/6/1350 Hijri Shams, in a clerical family in the Zormat district of Paktia province.

He has completed his educations to the baccalaureate in religious schools: Kowsar, Anwar al-Quran, Jama-UL-Rahmaniyah , New Town, and the same way as Neuralmadaris, Hashemiyeh, Zara'a Barah, Dar al-'Alum Arabiya Gujarat, Kheirabad Mardan, Dar al-'Alum Rostam, Ziya al-Madaris, Pakistan.

At the age of 14, he memorized the whole Holy Quran at Jama Anwar-ul-Quran.

As he had enthusiasm and interest in politics, he was enrolled to Department of Diplomacy of ministry of Foreign Affairs and graduated from the aforementioned department.

 Currently he is busy of studying his MA and also he can speak fluently in Pashto, Dari, Urdo, English, and Arabic.

Alongside with the fact that the mentioned people were involved in the promotion of state and non-governmental duties, the Islamic Republic has always played an important role in considering the religious dimension and the understanding of Islam in the direction of the unity of the Ummah, and, for the sake of Allah, hand by hand has done tireless struggle. For example, in the hot trenches of jihad for independence of the country in the provinces of Khost and Paktia, he has done remarkable tasks.

At the same time, in 1992, he was a member of the Executive Council of the Youth Movement of the Islamic Revolution's Movement of Afghanistan.

Due to the talent, management, and grace that he was driving in the advancement of the party's affairs, he got the support of scholars of this party and, during the meetings with the youth of the party, provided good and useful consultations for the better implementation of the affairs with them. Finally, in 1394, the prominent scholars of this party elected him by launching the free elections as the leader of the Islamic Revolution's movement.

Sincerity and kindness to serve his country made him to serve as calculation officer then as deputy of Mustofeyat to the Kandahar, but it was not long before he was appointed as the head of Kandahar Mustofeyat.

He had extraordinary talent and in a short period of time he appointed as administrative deputy minister to the Ministry of Information Technology, due to his tact and desirability, experience in the unity and solidarity of the people, he was appointed as deputy minister to ministry of tribal. He made this position very well and succeeded. And then appointed  as deputy  Minister to ministry of Transport.

He had the experience, and support of the people and always struggled for the unity and solidarity of the people and participated in the emergency loya jirga and the constitution as a representative of the people of Paktia.

He was also appointed as the governor of Uruzgan in 1384 for the sake of good governance and high-level management of senior government positions. He was later appointed as a member of the safe Jirga between Pakistan and Afghanistan by the president of that time.

 In 1389, he was appointed as a professional deputy minister to the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, and has provided valuable services to the Ministry's specialized departments, including the establishment of the Imams' Training Institute, the establishment of the Supreme Religious Institute, the formalization of the mosque's imams, the management of Hajj rules and regulates it, and regulate of Awqaf Affairs.

In accordance with the decree of the President of the country, in charge of capacity, work record and ability, in Jadi 1397, he was appointed as acting minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs.

Mr Manib has been representing of people and traveled abroad, which is briefly mentioned:

Saudi Arabia - United Arab Emirates - Kuwait - Oman - Turkey - Indian - Indonesia - Germany - Thailand - South Korea - England - Russia - Pakistan and Iran